Milford Living Magazine

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently had a freelance photography job for Milford Living Magazine, a local mag for my hometown. I took photos at two jewelry stores in town - Heberts and Vincents.Below you can see the pages in which my photographs are featured as well as my advertisement in the magazine.


New Steps

In a new step, I contacted a local magazine and offered my services (any of them). I was taken up on this and offered a chance to take photos for the magazine. Today was the photo shoot and I really think there are some great images. Once the magazine is published I'll be sure to show you more :)

Massive props to anyone who photographs jewelry. I wasn't expecting shadows to be an issue, but they were a bigger issue than lighting in some ways.


New Look!

This blog has been a little abandoned lately, but I hope to fix that soon. Starting with the new look. My portfolio has a new look too, have you seen it?



Re-Design Coming

I finished re-designing my portfolio website, please take a look and let me know what you think. Also, I'll be re-designing the blog to go along with it.. at some point. Hopefully this week. :)



One company that I've been consistently working with over the past year is Soltek, a high end handbag company. I designed their logo to start, and also worked on product tags, catalog photography and design, business cards and letterhead design.

See my complete work for Soltek here.


360 by JACS

One freelance project that I've been working on is for 360 by JACS.

Here is a sampling from their mission:

"Our Mission
is to create a community where every member works together. We also strive to develop 360*byJACS as a sustainable business model and to promote the notion of 360* and the reuse of clothing.
Our Dream is to "create the world we want to see", where love is stronger than ego. A world where our children are safe and empowered by love, education, music and art. A world of diversity, and respect. A world where neighboors help each other, and the more privilaged and powerful give back to their communities in order to help the less privileged grow and expand. Our dream is to see humanity work in synchronicity with Mother Earth. We dream of a cleaner planet and healthy lifestyles for everyone. "


My work for JACS includes a logo, an official website, and a banner and other small graphics for their ebay site. Click the banner at the top of this post to see my work in action. If you are interested in purchasing from JACS, please visit their ebay site here.



I didn't get the website done before the trip but said trip made me feel incredibly re-energized. We drove from the East Coast to San Francisco, CA and back and it was the most incredible journey I've ever taken. From the different landscapes we drove through, across, around and down to the random people we met and everything else I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I also now have over 1,000 photos to sort, some of which may eventually be for sale in some form or another.

Made a list of things that I want/need/must get done and have begun crossing things off. Tops on my list is getting my website finished, although that will have to be done in pieces over the next week or so.



- my boyfriend and experiencing the following with him:

– driving through the Rocky Mountains,

– standing in the middle of a Redwood Forest and looking up,

– randomly finding this crappy little Route 66 Museum,

– San Francisco, – Carhenge (even in the freezing cold wind),

– the Musee Mecanique in San Francisco,

– driving CA 1 down the coast of California on a cliff by the ocean,

– Gatlinburg, TN and it’s insane combination of state fair and renaissance faire and art community,

and … the feeling that I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

.. also, the Pirate Tweets from Chris Moore.


Post One

Though I've been active on the internet since Prodigy was really the only internet service provider (which makes me feel a little old), this is my first attempt at promoting my art and making a name for myself on the internet. Combining my two addictions (art and the internet) should be fun so look forward to sneak peeks at things I'm working on, photos that will be for sale and other random bits and pieces.

Because I'm still getting things organized, I'll end here for now. Stay tuned.

listening to: the Spaceman song by The Killers
reading: Watchmen
working on: lindseyalbritton.com