360 by JACS

One freelance project that I've been working on is for 360 by JACS.

Here is a sampling from their mission:

"Our Mission
is to create a community where every member works together. We also strive to develop 360*byJACS as a sustainable business model and to promote the notion of 360* and the reuse of clothing.
Our Dream is to "create the world we want to see", where love is stronger than ego. A world where our children are safe and empowered by love, education, music and art. A world of diversity, and respect. A world where neighboors help each other, and the more privilaged and powerful give back to their communities in order to help the less privileged grow and expand. Our dream is to see humanity work in synchronicity with Mother Earth. We dream of a cleaner planet and healthy lifestyles for everyone. "


My work for JACS includes a logo, an official website, and a banner and other small graphics for their ebay site. Click the banner at the top of this post to see my work in action. If you are interested in purchasing from JACS, please visit their ebay site here.


  1. This is completely off topic but I love Neil Gaiman and I did not know he had a blog so thank you so much for linking him.

    Also, thanks for following and commenting on Mermaid in a Manhole. <3